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Throughout the years, I've worked in several studios, throwing with various kinds of clay, firing in different kilns & constantly working on new ideas.  Here's a peek at some of my previous work and collections.

My current line, Kaleidoscope, can be seen           .   For ready made items, check out my          shop.

Over the Rainbow

We're not in your Grandma's kitchen anymore!  Over the Rainbow was my most recent collection of handmade pottery.  This colorful crew is a balanced mix of rustic & refined, modern & quirky.  The Graphite Gray & splash of color keeps these pieces fun, fresh &, of course functional.

Over the Rainbow pottery, as well as all my pieces, are made with careful craftsmanship, attention to detail & bundles of love.


Brickhouse Pottery is a collection of pieces that were fired in a brick kiln.  For years, the brick kiln & I were best buds & I exclusively fired all my work in her.  She was small & sweet & produced unique pieces in gorgeous earth tone colors with tons of individual charm.  While I have moved studios & no longer fire pottery in the brick kiln, here's some eye candy from previous loads...

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