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Mud and Thread                                                                                            

 I am Nicky Ross, dirt-drenched potter & textile artist, at your service. Nstarstudio is my one woman show, styling simplicity into everyday sewn objects & making mud beautiful for every hand to hold


Some might wonder how pottery & textiles fit together. Two different mediums, methods & materials are required for each, & the end results are so distinct & separate. And yet, it is through my deep love of function, my wide appreciation of color & my tiny weak spot for time-honored craft that I create each & every item.


I swoon at the punch & pizazz color adds to classic forms in pottery. & I fumble in love with how color & contemporary design can make a timeless quilt pattern new.


Though I started creating with clay & fabric at different times in my life, it is color & function that brings them together, makes me happy & nudges me towards the next project.  I design all my work with a strong sense tradition, a dash of whimsy, & a lasting personal imprint.


Nstarstudio is my labor of love, for clay, for craft & for all the scrumptious colors.


Want to know more?  I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a note, send an email, or gosh, even call.


For updates, show info, process pics & yes, a few goat videos, follow Nstarstudio on             

Follow me down the rabbit hole of anything else interesting on


random facts:

-I've been throwing for 14 years, used 11 different clay bodies & worked/taught/made work in 7 studios

-I still have a hard time trimming & talking at the same time

-I've lifted thousands of pounds of clay & moved hundreds of ware boards of work.  I've only ever wrecked 2 whole boards of production ware.  They were back to back on the same day.

-Mugs are like a handshake - get a good one

Nicky Ross


random facts:

-I have a secret talent of being able to fold things perfectly into thirds

-I don't eat or drink anything blue

-I love goats, anything magenta & could survive on red wine & pretzels

-I can't wink or whistle

-I'm 2.5 feet of friendly & 2.5 feet of fiesty

Design Consultant Extraordinaire


random facts:

-I learned to sew at age 10, on a machine my mother could barely work on without swearing

-I made my first personal quilt because I couldn't afford heat in my college appartment.  I still use it today

-When I moved to Madison,WI, my sewing machine & a bag of scrap fabric were 2 of the few possessions that made it into the car



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